The other night my brother had said some words that really made me reevaluate my friends and who I can truly call a friend. It’s okay to have hella acquaintances instead of wanting to be everyone’s friend - quality over quantity by all means.

When I thought about my friends and who would actually would have my back at all times, for anything, only about 2 out of my 5-7 close friends came to mind. Coming to this realization will never amount to how much I value our friendship. Your friend group will only get smaller as you get older and that’s okay with me. I only want good vibes and positive people who support my goals as I do the same for them.

Why I hate clubs

I just do man, I just do. It ain’t my scene nor my vibe. Can a sista just groove with a few homies and chill? Clubs are too much. They’re dirty, desperate, and ditzy as fuhhh. But if y’all other folks down for whatever it offers you, then by all means - get down and dirty!

Haha… Why I gotta be a good friend and go though…? :(

/weekend getaway

Camping with my youth group every year is always a constant reminder of how much I admire the youth in my area and how much I love the passion they exhibit into the club. The pictures and videos we capture will never do justice to the memories we’ve made. Whether it be playing telephone while hiking up a random ass forest (haha?!), all stuffing into a tent to surprise one of our members (as he is leaving us), not having firewood this year but surviving, and so much more!

The guest speakers and inspiration they’ve build make me hope that one day I can only be half the great people they are and inspire the youngin’s to continue to put the same passion and commitment into this club.

The laughter, love, and friendship we’ve created these past 3 days are the reasons why I love going to camp every year and why I love being part of Spiral. I can only wish that people will see the vibes we spread and dig the love.

Do you ever realize that every day we just get older? No wonder people ask how old you are and not how young you are. We age a day older every time we wake up and we don’t realize it until we see the wrinkles on our faces and the children we have birthed.

"Be with someone who would drive five hours, just to see you for one."

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